The lions might be the king of the jungle,

The lions might be the king of the jungle,

the most respected because they rule

but they all forget that the lioness is the one

who hunts and takes care of meals,

who gives birth to the heir, king or queen,

they are the ones to take care of their cubs

while the lions just lay around

So lions might be the ones to get respect

but the real respect goes to the lioness.

Vasant Ramabadran



Poem by Ankita Ramabadran

They say in order to succeed in life,

you just need to believe.

I try to ignore other folks’ strife

but instead, I sit down and grieve.

I think to myself in midstream,

if this dream is like wishing to fly,

But when you finally give up on your dream,

you’ll fall and you’ll eventually die.

This saying is the only thing

helping me keep alive,

If only hope was something that I could bring,

I’d finally be able to strive



Ankita Ramabadran

Ankita Ramabadran

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